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About us

We create spaces that match the character of the company, increase the efficiency and productivity of employees, support a team and creative atmosphere and make it easier to maintain order and implement the system.

We design offices, consulting rooms, cafes and restaurants.


We are here for you also in case of residential interior and homestaging designs.


Mirka Došlá

The founder of Sella Furniture is an acclaimed designer, home stager and author of a many popular redesigns. She works on property visual marketing. Also with the Czech Television on a tv series “Bydlet jako” – “Live like” and she is involved in all creative projects at Sella Furniture. She shares her knowledge through workshops about Home staging.


Home staging is a method of preparing a property for sale in the real estate market before the professional photographer comes in to take pictures and potential buyers come for viewings. Staging is designed to showcase a home's best assets, impress buyers, and show them what their new potential home could look like.

We turn any interior into a high-standard and perfectly coordinated space. Your apartment or house will then have a strong position in the real estate market and give the seller the means to sell it quickly for more.

The reason why more and more owners and real estate agents hire home stagers is simply to sell their property quickly and for the highest possible price.

Interior design


A designer is a professional with a sense of planning, knowledge of materials and structures, mixing knowledge of architecture with decorative art, with the ability to create emotional connections using interior design and make your life feel balanced.

Our designer will discuss everything with you – all the possible options of transforming your space and potentially adding more decoration. The customers should know what their budget is and in return we would create a complete visualisation and execution of the turnkey project for them.

You would save money by avoiding mistakes when choosing the wrong furniture, material and decoration. A designer knows exactly what your property needs, where to find it and saves you time, energy and money.

Visual marketing is a part of every successful sale. As a beginner home stager and/or real estate agent you can gain valuable knowledge and information from the workshops, which you can then apply to your own work.

The commercial potential and visual marketing of Home staging.

We will go through individual business cases, their statistics and “before and after” photos of projects

Different approaches to home staging, return on investment and case studies.

What could Home staging bring to the property’s presentation at the time of sale, it’s forms and how to communicate it to a customer.

You will be able to handle all the basic rules of staging a property and the market laws.

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