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Kanceláře Cryfin - Bankovní sektor

Office space is at the heart of every business.

This time we have taken over an extensive transformation of the offices at Cryfin.


What was the goal at Cryfin?


Created an interior concept, chosen the right materials, colours and structures and developed a layout solution for the space.


In cooperation with implementation team, we have started the production and installation of custom-made furniture sets.


Brightened up the overall interior by painting the walls and applying wallpaper.


Designed a green tree installation in collaboration with florists, placed plant elements in the client space.


Conquered the biggest challenge - the conference room as the heart of the representative space, which we equipped with comfortable armchairs and a large meeting table.


Our goal was to:


Create spaces that match the character of the company.

Increase employee efficiency and productivity.

Encourage a team and creative atmosphere.

Include elements with a calming effect to make thinking easier.

Facilitate the maintenance and implementation of the system.

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